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TimeOut Magazine rates Tiger Strong NYC #1 Kid’s Karate Class in New York City

Martial Arts Programs


Our classes focus on developing inner strength.  Strength is developed from the inside out.  It is a complete Mind, Body, Spirit approach.  The spirit is developed through self-discipline, control and respect.  The mind is strengthened through developing focus and concentration.  The body is conditioned through fun exercises and learning karate techniques.  The result is a stronger, healthier, balanced and confident individual .

Scheduled Classes-

Little Tiger Cubs ages 2 1/2 to 4 – An introduction into karate with emphasis on developing basic coordination, understanding of boundaries and self-control

Tiger Cubs  ages 3 1/2  to 7 – Develop skills in basic martial arts techniques, self discipline and athletic acuity.

Tiger Paws  ages 7 to 14 – More advanced martial art and self-defense techniques. The use of Kata to combine movements. Developing the concept of true balance in technique and life skills.

Tiger Claws  ages 14 and adult – Master techniques that will enable defense against all other forms of martial arts. Weapons training. Light sparring. Development of inner balance.

Specialized Programs-

Pro Self-Defense   Custom designed programs based on client’s needs including active shooter, street threats, women’s self-defense,  counter terrorism and counter abduction.

Corporate & Private Group Programs Programs are created based on client requirements which can include all aspects of self-defense and general fitness programs.


500 East 77th Street

New York, NY 10162

Ground floor Mall (behind Concierge Desk – ask for directions)


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