The Art Of Movement

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COVID-19 Safety Policy

• Proper fitting masks are mandatory at all times in the facility.
• Taking temperatures prior to entering the store. Anyone with a temperature (campers and staff) above 100 degrees will not be permitted in. We ask that you check your child’s temperature prior to leaving your household.
• Blood oxygen will also be taken prior to entering. A level of 92 and above is required.
• Shoes must be removed upon entering.
• Hand washing will be mandatory for Students and staff upon entry and at regular intervals. We will provide gloves and masks for student and staff that don’t bring them.
• Social distancing will be enforced . We will also be will cap camp size to 8 attendees or less.
• All equipment and contact surfaces be sanitized between uses.
• Beginning September 13, 2021, in accordance with NYC COVID-19 Mandates – all adults and children over 5 years old must provide proof of vaccination before entering the school.