The Art Of Movement

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Tiger Strong NYC presents:


Games for the Brain

Karate for the Body

Parents LOVE the intellectual challenges, life enriching skills of

self-confidence, respect and self-control

Kids LOVE the fun-packed activities and excitement!

Kids experience a truly unique summer through the partnership of Tiger Strong Karate and Hex & Co The Gaming Café. Whether half day or full day, your children will be highly engaged intellectually and challenged physically in a healthy, nurturing and fun environment.

Custom Design Your Camper’s Day!
We offer Karate for the Body and Gaming for the Brain.
Campers attend full or half day and can choose to participate in one or both activities.
Only need a week of camp? Not a problem!
Act Now! Save with Multi-week and early bird registration discounts.
We make it safe and easy. Both camps are on the same street, campers are escorted between Tiger Strong and Hex & Co.

The Karate Camp

• Receive lots of support from our small groups and highly skilled black belt instructors.
• Develop karate skills at all levels, core athletics, physical skills and aerobic conditioning. It’s not all about the punch! We focus on emotional discipline, avoidance of violence, establishing community and inner peace.
• Contact Sparing is Not part of the program.

Typical Camp Activities:
– Warm-up, Stretching and Aerobic Conditioning
– Core and Strength Training
– Athletic Competition
– High Energy Games
– Develop Issinryu Style Kicking and Punching
– Martial Art Drills
– Martial Arts Themed Arts and Crafts
– Weather permitting campers visit John Jay Park immediately adjacent to the school.
– Other activities may include local museums for exposure to the history of martial arts and visiting Asian Cultural Centers to better understand the world in which martial arts developed.

– Taking temperatures prior to entering the store. Anyone with a temperature (campers and staff) above 100 degrees will not be permitted in. We ask that you check your child’s temperature prior to leaving your household.
– Blood oxygen will also be taken prior to entering. A level of 92 and above is required.
– Shoes must be removed upon entering.
– Hand washing will be mandatory for campers and staff upon entry and at regular intervals. We will provide gloves and masks for campers and staff that don’t bring them.
– Social distancing will be enforced . We will also be will cap camp size to six attendees or less.
– All equipment and contact surfaces be sanitized between uses.
– Hand washing will be mandatory for campers and staff upon entry and at regular intervals. We will provide gloves and masks for campers and staff that don’t bring them.
– Adults who wish to observe will be requested to do so from the outside.

For campers doing multi-week programs, belt promotion testing is available. Wearing uniforms is highly encouraged but not mandatory and are available at the school for purchase.

A little history:
Tiger Strong NYC has been instrumental in changing young lives though karate for over 10 years. Tiger Strong karate system is part of the Isshinryu style, which was the basis for the Marines’ combat training developed after World War II. Arguably the most effective real-world karate system in existence. The philosophy behind Issinryu and Tiger Strong is find peace before combat.

The Game Play Camp

Our fun and flexible camp let kids build kingdoms, strategize takeovers, save the planet and cure disease together, all by playing games! Kids love us because they have a blast, and parents love us because their children are developing critical cognitive and social skills for both school and everyday life.
Daily lunch and a park/play break are included for Full Day campers only.
Snacks are provided in the morning and afternoon for all campers.

• Thousands of fun, exciting and unique games
• Develop intellect through strategic gameplay
• Improve teamwork and social skills
• Lunch provided by Hex & Company to all participating campers
• Early drop off and late pickup available ( at Hex & Co only)
• See the link below for full details of the Hex & Co camp